Girls With Guns

Girls With Guns

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Veronica in basic training

Veronica in basic training

In the war torn world of the future, you were either a mutant or a normal. Well as normal as a pure human can be amidst the trash and carnage. Zemanova was doing what she did best to get by, stripping in the rough and tumble dives that crop up in the seedier areas of human settlements. But the girls who work her trade were not stupid. Girls with guns nude were not a rare sight.

In fact if you were one of the rare ones that did not carry a gun, you found yourself at risk for being robbed, or worse as chivalry was long dead in exchange for survival instincts. Zemanova was part of the Action Girls gang, a group of dancers. They had each other’s back at all times.

Tonight was at a no name dive, but with practiced ease she started to ride the bar like a familiar lover. Her legs wrapped around the bar, twisting and writhing. She rubs her massive huge boobs against the bar, slowly sliding up her pink sheer top to the cheering of her audience. Her short shirt flutters showing off her pink panties teasingly.

She licks her lips knowing she has her audience in her hold. Will you be brave and step up to her?

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Veronica gets naked

Veronica gets naked

In the dark side streets, she prowls less popular haunts, searching for a warm cock. With her dark, mesmerizing eyes and lips that look so hungry she stalks the back of a nightclub where girls with guns nude danced in a stage act. The place was filing out for the night, the string of patrons straggling out in drunken, sweaty stupor.

She spots a male night clubber, alone, with the drunken swagger of all night drinking binge. She, with grace and speed, lands to his side.  Her outfit was nothing more that skin tight leather chap, with leather underwear and a shear net top. She landed in a crouching position, having her massive huge boobs in see through fabric and her barely hidden crotch exposed. She was unlike the other action girls running around the town for fun. She liked guns and tanks and flamethrowers, but she liked sex most of all.

He was mesmerized with the soft rippling of muscles on her toned abs. Her enormous breasts looked so lick able…and suddenly he felt her pale fingers, sliding softly through his sweaty disheveled hair. She lowered her soft lips to his chest, satisfied with the quick hold she had on him. She could feel his blood pumping hard through his skin. Would he be as satisfying as he looked?

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