Girls With Guns

Girls With Guns

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wet veronica zemanova

We have lots of hot girls at Actiongirls that do all kinds of shoots. Once they get their hands on our toys, it seems like they keep coming back for more, and we love to show them as they unleash their hardcore side, and their wild side. These women just love the feeling of power they get by being strong women, and they love knowing that they have the boys out there begging them for more pictures, and for more chances to drool and lose control over their spectacular bodies.

Veronica is one of our favorite models, she’s done all kinds of shoots with some of our biggest, and hottest guns, and she also does a spectacular Lara Croft costume. With her fantastic figure and her love of guns, she just heats up the camera like no one else. Of course, with a woman so sizzling hot, she needs some time to cool down occasionally, and we can’t think of a better way than with a nice drink.  She may cool down by the drink pouring over her amazing figure, but with all that glistening skin, she sure as hell heats us up. Of course, that’s not enough for her, and she has us all at attention when she shows us what she comes up with next!

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Busty Babe with Gun

Some girls get their hands on a gun and just have no clue what to do with them. It might as well be a piece of lead in their hands with all that it adds when it sits in their hands like a lump. It’s not sexy in the least when a girl has no passion for a weapon. There are some girls though that will light up when a gun is in their hands. They may have never held a gun in their lives, but they know the power, and they love the feel of that cold metal as soon as it touches their sweet bodies.

Jessica first didn’t think she had any kind of interest in using the guns we had on hand, but she did love the industrial look of the web bustier, and she filled out that outfit so nicely. We had to convince her at first to wrap her hands around one of our AR-15s, but as soon as her hands slipped around the grip and the barrel we knew she was into it. She said she loved the wait, and she especially loved how the metal warmed up next to her body. We have to say, we loved it too, especially as she posed in ways that showed off the metal, as well as her slamming body.

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Sexy Veronica was able to turn all my sexual fantasies and dreams about Lara Croft into an x-rated reality with her own brand of hot and sexy re-enactment skills. No one looks better than this babe as a naked girl with a gun and attitude to spare. But, even action girls have a softer side and here we get to see Veronica when she isn’t out kicking bad guy ass and waving her guns around.

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girlswithgunsnude6So when she isn’t singing in her band or frolicking on a motorcycle as Miss Harley Davidson 2009, we find Brooke proudly displaying her rack and her pistols. In both cases she certainly has plenty to be proud of. She’s in the running for Maxim’s 2010 hottest but my personal favorites are her action girls stuff. She stars in several VERY revealing flicks where she uses her guns… both the fleshy kind and the metal kind, to give us a real… *cough* show!

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Veronica in basic training

Veronica in basic training

In the war torn world of the future, you were either a mutant or a normal. Well as normal as a pure human can be amidst the trash and carnage. Zemanova was doing what she did best to get by, stripping in the rough and tumble dives that crop up in the seedier areas of human settlements. But the girls who work her trade were not stupid. Girls with guns nude were not a rare sight.

In fact if you were one of the rare ones that did not carry a gun, you found yourself at risk for being robbed, or worse as chivalry was long dead in exchange for survival instincts. Zemanova was part of the Action Girls gang, a group of dancers. They had each other’s back at all times.

Tonight was at a no name dive, but with practiced ease she started to ride the bar like a familiar lover. Her legs wrapped around the bar, twisting and writhing. She rubs her massive huge boobs against the bar, slowly sliding up her pink sheer top to the cheering of her audience. Her short shirt flutters showing off her pink panties teasingly.

She licks her lips knowing she has her audience in her hold. Will you be brave and step up to her?

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Erica Nude With Gun

Erica Nude With Gun

Ebony Erica gets nude then gets down and dirty in black leather with her machine gun and 9MM. See her strip down from cop to naked babe in this action girl flick and pic set. Get your fill of naked girls with guns porn! Erica is slutty, sexy, and obviously in love with her weapons.

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Veronica gets naked

Veronica gets naked

In the dark side streets, she prowls less popular haunts, searching for a warm cock. With her dark, mesmerizing eyes and lips that look so hungry she stalks the back of a nightclub where girls with guns nude danced in a stage act. The place was filing out for the night, the string of patrons straggling out in drunken, sweaty stupor.

She spots a male night clubber, alone, with the drunken swagger of all night drinking binge. She, with grace and speed, lands to his side.  Her outfit was nothing more that skin tight leather chap, with leather underwear and a shear net top. She landed in a crouching position, having her massive huge boobs in see through fabric and her barely hidden crotch exposed. She was unlike the other action girls running around the town for fun. She liked guns and tanks and flamethrowers, but she liked sex most of all.

He was mesmerized with the soft rippling of muscles on her toned abs. Her enormous breasts looked so lick able…and suddenly he felt her pale fingers, sliding softly through his sweaty disheveled hair. She lowered her soft lips to his chest, satisfied with the quick hold she had on him. She could feel his blood pumping hard through his skin. Would he be as satisfying as he looked?

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nude action girls

nude action girls

Code Name : TigerBabe. That was the name that got her into the seedy underground of Liberty City’s Drug Trade. Her real name nothing of importance, she went deep undercover, slipping in through the thriving prostitution market, and working up though to the inner ranks when it was shown she could handle a gun as well as a john. There were many girls with guns nude in the sex trade, in particular fetish markets, but only she was unafraid to use them to get her way.

She sometimes looks in the mirror, telling herself action girls like her were good for the city, but the line always blurs as criminals become partners, bedmates.

On the way to a girls with guns nude picture shoot, she stepped out, fearless. Her huge boobs showing through her bra mesh top, long jacket, and eye teasing black lather shirt, she was dressed to kill. Literally, as the shoot was a cover for her true intentions. She was to meet a guy on the way. He was a sweet guy, and a good lay, but was a snitch. Snitches always land in one place- a coffin.

But as she turned the corner, steps away from his back alley door, her mark stood waiting. Her body immediately starts to ache for him as her nipples grew hard under her shirt. Her shapely legs, as well as her cunt, were also working against her. With a smile she cocks her gun, hand unsteadily, but her body daring him to come closer.

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girls with guns nude daniella

girls with guns nude daniella

The city is crawling with zombies. Chaos, destruction, and fire are the background that surrounds her. Help is non existent, but Daniella powers through equipped with her guns and a smile. Covered in sweat and grime, she would love nothing more than to clean all that filth off. Running from hungry teeth and broken hands, Daniella is the stuff of movie action girls, but they were the stuff of films, this is real!

She takes a break, finding a small outdoor shower. She strips down to her shorts, preparing to take full advantage of the shower. She was down to her sweaty huge boobs, save for her torn pants. Her skin, shinny with sweat and the random scratch, glistens with that days grit and grime. She lets her long hair down, finally allowing her self to relax when she hears a sudden noise. She cocks her gun out in instinct, expecting a zombie attack any moment now.

Not many action girls with guns nude ever expect to be jumped by the living undead, but Daniella could definitely say she has that experience. What she discovers causes her initial expression of alert surprise change to a soft yet cocky smile. She lets out a wink wondering what the intruder would decide to do…

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